Forest Safari

EXPLORE magnificent cedar forests of Morocco’s Middle Atlas region
These tours will comprise  of “back to base” day routes, going North as far as Immouzer, South as far as Kerouchen, and covering many points of interest in between: Foret de Jaba, sources Oum er Rbia, Jbel Hebri and some of the natural lakes in the area. Some of the best riding available in Morocco which due to its geographic location. Is best enjoyed between mid May and the end of September.
Will be running three to five day itineraries between mid June and mid July
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A transfer to the scenic town of Azrou where we will be based for these tours will be easiest from Fes, followed by Rabat then Casablanca in terms of transfer time, and using a combination of Ryan Air, Easyjet, and Jetairfly, return flights are available for under 80 pounds (sterling) return from Stansted. 
Based in Hotel Panorama (TBC), in Azrou with option of upgrade to nearby Palais Cerisiers (a Boutique Spa hotel) for those wishing to travel with their partners.