General Information

Wilderness Wheels is based in the town of Ouarzazate, situated about midway between the High Atlas peaks and the beginning of the Sahara desert proper. The location benefits from being the centre of the Moroccan film industry, and the town is being actively promoted by the Moroccan Tourist Board as the destination for the adventure oriented tourist.

"Saharan but snow capped, African but French, Third World but first for brilliant trails" (Bike Magazine. Nov. 1998 p.84)

The fascination of Europeans with the Sahara Desert undoubtedly began during the colonial age. Even today, its untamed landscape and severe climate is not to be under-estimated, yet modern travel and standards of communication and medical cover now make the region a viable and challenging destination for the adventurous.

Morocco has a moderate climate at the coast, with snow in winter in the mountains, and extremely hot in the desert in summer! The best time to visit the High Atlas is from April to October, and the desert from November to March.

Morocco is an Islamic country so conservative dress (trousers) is advisable in towns and villages. You should ask permission to take photographs of people; men and children may ask for money, but women will often decline. Tipping is expected, usually about 5 dirhams.

We recommend the following books:
Lonely Planet,Morocco, 2014

The Rough Guide to Morocco, 2013